Mobile Attendance App

Contact-less Time and Location based Attendance App, designed to keep your Team Safe and for Easier Attendance Management.

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App Features

M- Attendance tracks real time attendance. It is an efficient time-saving app that collects all the attendance data systematically and provides you with a detailed report of the days of leave and holidays. It has a mobile and desktop user-friendly interface that simplifies the tiresome task of keeping attendance.

WiFi Attendance

Keep track of your staff attendance based on the WiFi connectivity range. It'll mark the attendance as well as give the location of the employees. It saves your time and effort and even helps in managing payroll.

GPS Attendance

All are having phones that are GPS enabled. Using the GPS, the employees can mark their attendance and this provides not only the attendance but it gives the time, date and location. It is cost effective, efficient and easy to use.

QR Code Attendance

Attendance can be marked by the employee scanning her/his own allocated QR code. This can be done using her/his own phone or even through the admin’s phone and the attendance will be marked.

Selfie Mode

Just take a selfie and the attendance is done. The Geo-location that it provides adds authenticity to the attendance.

Accurate Report

Reduce data-entry time. Generate accurate monthly reports. Export to Excel or download in the form of PDF.

Works Everywhere

Access it from anywhere (android devices, tabs, desktop) and keep track of the attendance at all times. .


Geo-fencing helps tracking attendance and location of remote users ensuring they are working where they should be without being able to abuse the time and attendance system.

Biometric Attendance

Marking attendance using fingerprint authentication through a supported external fingerprint scanner.

Affordable M-Attendance Software Price

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  • Up to 100 users
  • Online + Offline support
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  • Free cancellation
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45/User pm

  • Up to 500 users
  • Online + Offline support
  • Monthly Reports
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  • Above 500 users
  • Online + Offline support
  • Monthly Reports
  • Free cancellation
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